Color Factory Yellow room


San Francisco, CA

Determined to land some tickets at the super popular, limited time Color Factory experience, we fought the online waitlist for days upon end. Then…on one bright Tuesday morning, after 23 refreshes on my browser and Instagram feed, the opportunity availed itself. We scored tickets to one of the most unique, colorful tactile experiences in San Francisco. Check it:

The Color Factory is a pop-up, interactive art experience. It’s an exhibit that features many different rooms set with specific colors and materials. It was an incredible place for our toddler to learn his colors and let loose a bit. Not many places let you write on the walls with a giant marker, or throw around massive amounts of confetti, or get lost in 10,000 strands of colored ribbons. Not to mention a ball pit the size of a swimming pool.

Mega lite brite
Into the ribbon abyss
Mind blown at Color Factory

It is experiences like these that we thrive on. Things that take our kid out of the ordinary. The gift of exploration and creativity is worth it’s weight in gold. And the Color Factory was no exception.
Will he remember it? Probably not this place specifically. But it’s a shared experience with his parents and a building block for life’s experiences. Plus we have some pretty incredible photos now of the fun we had!!

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